Sustainable wisdom.

For a deepening of your meditation practice, welcome an authentic path.

We live our best lives when we utilize our minds and hearts’ fullest potential as human beings. Meditation can improve our capacity to embrace life and lift our spirits.

Triyana Meditation holds authentic tools for getting unstuck in your spiritual progress and deepening your practice to bring sustainable wisdom into your life and professional services.

Helps you to deepen your practice.

Invites to a complete meditation path.

Makes space for you to progress in your own pace.

Positive Transformation

Did you know that meditation can improve your memory, strengthen your immune system and boost emotional intelligence? Since ancient times, these insights have been known to the Buddhist masters and can now be proven by science.

Triyana Meditation is based on traditional Buddhist meditation techniques such as Shinay, Inner Stillness meditation, Lhaktong, Insight Meditation, and Metta, Loving Kindness meditation. These practices create a soothing, insightful, and more empathic presence.

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For guided relaxation and meditation videos to start your session, simply click below.

Listening to inspiring Dharma Talks can also be an excellent addition to any meditation practice.

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Our online forum Sky Dancer Tribe “Teaching & Coaching through Buddhist Meditation” is open for individuals and professionals in the field of yoga, coaching, therapy, dharma and healing who share a common interest in Buddhist Meditations. Join us to learn more about Triyana Meditation Classes, Retreats and The Instructor Training Program, online and in real life!

Weekend Courses, Retreats & Events

Triyana Weekend Meditations Autumn 2022

Triyana Weekend Meditations

– Växjö, Sweden, September 10th, October 15th & November 26th, with the possibility to attend Zoom follow ups in between live gatherings. Visit the main site www.skydancerworld.com to learn more and to book your spot.

  • Malmö, Sweden, Saturday November 5th, at Yoga Kendra, Visit the main site www.skydancerworld.com to learn more and to book your spot.

“Meditation has been an essential part of my life for a while. Still, I felt that something was missing. When finding Triyana Meditation, I knew that it was the guidance I was seeking. The way Lama Chimey shares her deep knowledge has enabled me better to understand the traditional techniques and the teachings of Buddhism. It is pure joy to attend her classes. Her guidance has awakened a yearning to learn, practice, and understand more.

Lucy Vuorenniemi Pelaez, Operations development manager

Ready to follow your heart & learn how to guide others?

Become a Triyana Meditation Instructor.

T.M.I.C.P.: Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program is an educational service for meditation practitioners to grow beyond their current limitations. The Training is designed for spiritual professionals who can apply these practices to their healing work and get better results for themselves, their students, and clients.

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