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Lama Chimey, who is the founder of T.M.I.C.PTriyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program, is a wonderful and compassionate teacher. She shares her passion for meditation in the most natural way. I have had the great joy of learning from her many years ago and always look forward to new lessons that she is ready to impart. Her skillful approach makes it possible for any student to embark on the path of meditation.

Kripa Patra, Senior Yoga Teacher & Conscious Movement Instructor

The Future

belongs to the yoga teachers, personal coaches, therapists and retreat leaders who can get sustainable results for their students and clients through embodying an authentic path.

Triyana™ meditation

is built upon all the three yanas of Buddhism; Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana practices. Our approach presents a complete step-by-step meditation path, as different techniques develop different results and build upon each other in sequence.

The Benefits of Meditation

According to the US National Library of Medicine studies of long-term western meditators, even though engaged in busy professional lives have observed significant health improvements.

However, long-term meditation is still widely held to be the way to achieve not only improved health but the highest goal of human life – namely enlightenment.

As a few of these traditional techniques are presented herein, they take us from the level of stability to victory and finally mastery.

The Program

The Triyana Meditation Instructor Certification Program is a 400+hours, five-levels meditation instructor training conducted by Sky Dancer World Inc. It’s a comprehensive study program of the complete Buddhist Meditation path divided into a foundational part of two levels and a completion part of three levels. The program stretches generously over a period of nine months. This format gives you some space to absorb what you have learned.

T.M.I.C.P is designed for sincere dharma practitioners, yoga teachers, life coaches, and therapists who can apply these practices to their professional work and get better results for themselves, their students, and clients. You can choose to do the whole program in its completeness or divide the foundational and completion training and do them one at a time. Let us know your intention during your application process.

During the program, all T.M.I.C.P trainees have access to the T.M.I.C.P premium member site with teaching videos, audio and text manuals, our private Facebook group community for trainees only, and scheduled online live philosophical book studies, Q&As, and transmissions with the main teacher, Lama Chimey.

The group will meet together for a few weekends during the training and receive live teachings. For participants living too far away to attend at in person live classes there is an option to attend via digital live link. Upon successfully completing your five levels, you will receive a certification diploma. For each level you have five weeks of self-studies online. All actual in person live classes will this year be held at Yoga Kendra in Malmö, Sweden.

Professionals ready to dive deeper into their spiritual practice with us will gain an outstanding set of tools to offer their students and clients in return.

Now we welcome new students to apply for the next Foundational training of T.M.I.C.P, starting in the end of February 2023.

Once you have applied you will be able to book your call with us.

Program Overview

The Foundational Training 160 hrs

The White Level

Lays the ground for the foundational training and takes you through the traditional practices of inner stillness and insights.

The Red Level

Builds upon the white level with an added hands-on heart-centered approach to take you deeper into your foundational training with loving kindness and radical acceptance.

The Completion Training 240 hrs

The Blue Level

On this level you are introduced to book studies and will engage in sacred view, in both formal and post-meditation, while building your practice and starting to embody the path. Purification practices and mantra transmissions are included.

The Green Level

Intensifies what was learned in the blue level with emphasise on deep relaxation practises, including how to enhance your sleep and dream quality to take you further into experiencing Yoga of the mind into the Yoga of Dreams.

The Yellow Level

During this golden level you will refine your formal practice routines and your teaching skills with ‘real life’ practice. You will get an understanding for professional essentials, ethical teacher student relationship conduct and how to incorporate Triyana Meditation in your services.

Once you have applied you will be able to book your call with us.

I have had many Dharma conversations with Lama Chimey for over ten years now. She has always been able to help clarify things for me with a simple and direct explanation and translation of the Buddha’s teachings. She has helped illuminate areas of confusion I have had when interpreting the Dharma and has brought me to a deeper understanding of the teachings as a result. I have a deep respect for her commitment to truth and to sharing the teachings of the Buddha.

Ryan Jampal Mc Ardle, Mental Care Therapist & Dharma Practitioner

The Founder & Main Teacher

Lama Chimey

She is a Swedish-American Buddhist Minister, Dharma & Meditation Teacher from the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition who was ordained as a Buddhist nun for twelve years.

She is a long- term practitioner of all the three Yanas of Buddhism, a lineage holder of the Karma Kagyu lineage and a Delog Lama. (Someone who have died and returned from death.)

She was trained by several Himalayan Masters before returning to lay life in the west. 2020 she started the Dharma Community Sky Dancer World as an online forum during the pandemic to host dharma activities, such as Triyana Meditation, realizing that the world needed an immediate access to a well proven path of peace, wisdom and compassion more than ever.

Before her life as a full time engaged dharma practitioner, she was a pioneering wellness educator as the founder of CM – Conscious Movement and its instructor training, as well as a performing artist.

”When we long for wisdom to take root in our lives, we’ve come to the right place by turning to the Buddha Dharma.

Lama Chimey

Ven.Chimey during her study years at Pullahari Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Lama Chimey became my teacher during a crucial, deepening phase of my spiritual practice. With her wise and committed guidance, she opened doors and paved the way for me to continue my exploration of consciousness.  She has a direct yet gentle teaching style, a cutting through quality, and sets energy in motion. I can warmly recommend her courses!

Anna Wall, Nurse & Dharma Practitioner

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